Knite, Inc.


Artur P. Suckewer, CEO and Founder

Mr. Suckewer founded Knite, Inc. in 1996 to develop and commercialize the KSI technology. He has led Knite through four rounds of financing, totaling over $6 million, and enlisted the help and support of a strong board of directors and a group of dedicated and experienced investors.

Mr. Suckewer concentrates on developing the KSI technology and its product development. Besides recruiting and directing Knite’s in-house researchers, he has enlisted valuable technical, financial, marketing and management assistance from Knite’s advisors, as described in a following section.

Mr. Suckewer was previously a Project Engineer at Princeton X-ray Laser, Inc., where he designed and built high-precision scientific instruments, utilizing technology originally developed at Princeton University, and where he gained valuable insights into the operation of a high-tech start-up. He graduated from Lehigh University with a BSE in Mechanical Engineering and is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Dr. Karl H. Zaininger, Managing Director

Dr. Zaininger joined the Knite team in 2003, where he has focused on marketing strategy and implementation, and on corporate development. He is the founder and CEO of Global Technology Management Partnerships, a business consulting firm and also a lecturer in the Center for Innovation in Engineering Education and the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University.

Previously, Dr. Zaininger was a vice president and senior partner at Thomas Group Inc., a management consulting firm, responsible for new product development. Before that he worked for many years at Siemens Corporate Research and Support, Inc. in Princeton, New Jersey, rising to Vice Chairman and CEO. Earlier, he managed a number of programs at the U.S. Army Electronics Technology and Devices Laboratory and at the U.S. Solar Energy Research Institute. His first 20 professional years were at the RCA Research Laboratories as a scientist and technical manager in silicon chip development technology.

Dr. Zaininger received his MSE, MA and PhD in engineering physics from Princeton University and attended the Harvard Business School’s Executive Management Program.

Jim Bauer, Executive Vice President

Jim Bauer is a Managing Partner and founder (2002) of Enable Consulting LLC and has been contracted by Knite since 2002 to join the company’s Management Team. He was COO at Procaveo Inc., a software company that developed and marketed business to business (b2b) software. Before that he was Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Customer Support for Tseng Labs. Prior to Tseng Labs Jim was Executive Vice President and co-founder of Swan Technologies, responsible for Marketing and Operations. Jim is a graduate of Penn State University.