Knite, Inc.

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Knite Inc. has developed and is commercializing the Kinetic Spark Ignition™ System (KSI™) The KSI system uses a proprietary electronics module and igniter to generate a moving spark that is much shorter and 100 times more powerful than today’s conventional spark plug system, without consuming more energy. This powerful spark:

  • improves positive firing, even with very lean mixtures,
  • increases fuel efficiency,
  • significantly reduces air pollution, possibly eliminating the need for catalytic converter,
  • can be easily installed in current engines and
  • facilitates new and improved engine designs that cannot realize their potential with conventional ignition systems.
The igniter resembles a conventional spark plug. The KSI system can be manufactured at a cost similar to that of current systems, using conventional manufacturing systems. Thus it provides a low cost solution to improving fuel efficiency and reducing environmental problems facing the engine industry.

Knite Inc. was founded in 1996 to refine and commercialize the KSI system, based on a revolutionary technology invented at Princeton University. Knite is now the sole owner of 48 patents on its technology (six in the U.S.) and has ten additional patent applications pending worldwide.

The KSI system is applicable to the enormous automotive market, plus all other markets that use spark-ignited, internal combustion engines, including race cars, two-wheeled vehicles, outboard and recreational engines and others.

The current international market for ignition systems is approximately $11 billion. Knite plans to license its technology to ignition system manufacturers and is currently negotiating partnerships with several major international manufacturers of ignition systems. It estimates the potential market value of these licenses at $2 billion annually.