Knite Profile

Knite Inc. was founded in 1996 with the goal of developing advanced technologies to solve engine performance problems that were once considered impractical or impossible with conventional technologies. Knite is commercializing the Kinetic Spark Ignition™ System (KSI™), a technology invented at Princeton University, which generates a large dynamic spark by means of its proprietary electronics module and igniters. The effect is to dramatically improve spark-ignited engine performance and efficiency while significantly reducing emitted pollutants. Knite has been issued 14 patents worldwide (6 in the U.S.) and has numerous worldwide patent applications pending.

Knite markets the KSI system in all major engine markets: automotive, energy, racing, motorcycle, scooter, marine, and recreational. As an emerging technology company, Knite is pursuing commercialization of its technologies in partnerships with potential product manufacturers, customers and licensees. Our technologies are designed to be manufactured using standard manufacturing processes and components (utilizing existing manufacturing infrastructure).