Knite, Inc.


Industry and Technology

Richard Podiak

Mr. Podiak has over 40 years of experience working with the major U.S. sparkplug manufacturers, including Autolite, as an engineer and spark plug designer.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

ORNL has assisted Knite in developing the metallurgy of the igniter electrodes.

Princeton University

Dr. Szymon Suckewer

Professor at the X-ray Laser and Ultra High Field Phenomena Laboratory. One of the original inventors of KSI, Professor Suckewer remains involved in developing and improving Knite’s technology. He received two R&D 100 awards: in 1984 for the invention of the X-ray laser and in 1987 for the invention of the X-ray laser microscope. His laboratory focuses on high-powered, fast-discharge lasers, which share many performance characteristics of KSI’s electronics. His laboratory’s spectroscopy capabilities are used to analyze the KSI discharge. Professor Suckewer’s expertise in plasmas guides Knite in developing the correct plasma profile to meet the engines needs.

Dr. Frederick Dryer

Head of the Princeton Combustion Lab and the Engine Lab. Professor Dryer is one of the world’s preeminent combustion experts. He consults to GM, Honda, Ford and others. The Combustion Lab is considered one of the world’s best and the Engine Lab has a history of cutting edge engine development, including gasoline direct injection. Professor Dryer analyzes engine data generated at Knite customer facilities.

Dr. Edgar Choueiri

Princeton’s Electric Propulsion and Plasma Dynamics Lab. This lab is a leader in ion drive technology, which powered NASA’s Deep Space One spacecraft. With Professor Choueiri, Knite is enhancing the discharge and longevity of the KSI igniter.