Cars and Trucks

World wide, the automotive industry produces over 50 million cars, pick-up trucks, SUVs and vans annually, excluding-diesel powered vehicles, with 16 million being produced in the U.S.

Governments and consumers are challenging the industry to maintain performance, while increasing fuel economy (e.g., the CAFE miles-per-gallon regulations) and reducing harmful tailpipe emissions (e.g., EPA’s Tier II Mobile regulations).

To meet these demands, manufacturers are investing billions of dollars. Roughly 75 percent of the engine industry’s R&D budget is dedicated to improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions. The Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association estimates that the world market for motor vehicle tail pipe emission control technologies will exceed $72 billion by 2010.

The current limitation of ignition system technology is an obstacle to meeting these new requirements. Knite is working with engine designers and manufacturers to solve problems that are impractical or impossible to solve with current systems.